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Singer/Pianist Patricia Barber Continues To Garner Critical Acclaim For Her Most Recent CD, "Verse"

SOURCE: Published: 2002-11-30
Barber Announces New 2003 U.S. Tour Dates For Her Quartet; Guitarist Neal Alger, Bassist Mike Arnopol, And Drummer Eric Montzka

Critical praise continues to pour in for Verse, the latest recording from groundbreaking singer/pianist Patricia Barber. The album, which was released on August 27th, was a first for Barber in that it consisted entirely of her own original compositions, a project that she informally dedicated to the songwriting talents of Joni Mitchell.

2002 found Barber giving her debut performance at famed Carnegie Hall, featured in a Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisure piece, performing with her band on the nationally broadcast CBS “Saturday Early Show," topping the Female Vocalist Talent Deserving Wider Recognition category in the Down Beat International Critics Poll for the 4th consecutive year, hitting the #1 spot on the jazz radio charts, and embarking on an international tour in support of Verse.

Feb. 1 - Blue Note - Columbia, MO
Feb. 14 - Orchestra Hall - Chicago, IL
Feb. 15 - Barkley Theater at Oats Park Art Center - Fallon, NV
Feb. 17 - Kuumbwa Jazz Center - Santa Cruz, CA
Feb. 20-22 - Catalina's Bar & Grill - Los Angeles, CA

What the critics have been saying about Verse: “In her new CD, Verse, Barber traverses even more compelling territory with her first collection of all original material. It is a stunning musical accomplishment... there is so much to hear in this brilliant collection of songs, that it offers revelatory experiences with each repeated hearing... an exquisite, not-to-be-missed creative adventure."
-Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times ( out of four)

“[Verse] is among the smartest records of jazz vocals-and lyrics-ever produced."
-Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe

“Verbal cunning is the hallmark of [Verse], Barber's first collection devoted entirely to original music. Her passion for the poet's tools of allusion, metaphor, imagery and teeming wordplay, while often expressed in hushed tones, is unmistakable and disarming, amusing and evocative."
-Mike Joyce, Washington Post

“Barber is straight out of Peggy Lee and Shirley Horn, singers who get you close, who know that the real fire burns slow and steady."
-John Ephland, Down Beat ( out of five)

“The voice-soft, sensuous and insinuating-may be instantly recognizable, but the words prove utterly fresh and original. So even those familiar with the art of singer-pianist Patricia Barber may be caught off-guard by the austere power of her newest recording, Verse. With Verse, Barber proves beyond doubt that she's more than just another fine singer-pianist. More important, she announces herself as a keenly articulate wordsmith whose lyrics are smarter, savvier and more artfully crafted than a great deal of today's songwriting."
-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

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