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Pianist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Releases "Contrasts"

SOURCE: Published: 2006-05-26
The new CD of jazz pianist-singer-composer Aziza Mustafa Zadeh: Contrasts (2006). Recorded at the Jazziza Records Studio in october-november 2005. Mixed and edited at the Bauer Studios.

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - a sketch

Singing, playing. Still singing? “My hands and my voice are fighting like a married couple, they are jealous of each other". Says Aziza mustafa Zadeh. And sometimes she lets both meet each other forcefully. Dancing Bolero with passionate piano explosions and an unleashed powerful voice she then withdraws herself, aspirates elegiac-dramatic variations about Chopins last days on the piano. The jazzy “Night Life in Georgia" almost becomes a “Lush Life", the stars dance to it, Sheherezadeh dreams, of Jazz, too, she lets bees whir and from afar Eric Satie greets to the “Cloudy Evening". A painting, that is what Aziza Mustafa Zadeh wants to actually create. An enormous palette of colors, processing thousands of impressions and influences. Azerbaijan, Baku, Mainz, home, stage, studio, mugam, classical music jazz, painting, nature, people. The traditions, the past, the roots. Her father, Vagif Mustafa Zadeh, an acclaimed jazz pianist-composer, who passed away in 1979. The mother, Eliza Mustafa Zadeh, singer and mentor of her daughter. And the musicions, of course, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Toots Thielemanns, from Frederic Chopin to Al Di Meola, from Philip Catherine to Nicolai Rimskij-Korsakow. What a painting! All of this put together in her own style, powerful and sensitive, award-winning. The Echo in Germany in 1994 and the Thelonious Monk Competition in Washington in the late eighties. Women from Azerbaijan, says the musician, are “delicate but proud". It is quite similar with the contrasts with seemingly antagonistic lines, which converge at Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, from which she designs new pictures, paintings, landscapes, a whole world, carefully and with caution in order for it not to become too flamboyant. “In music", she says, “you have to be very gentle". Like a nightingale, like a rose. Singing? Playing? Painting? Listening! What Contrasts!

1 Singing Nature (Zadeh) 5:09
2 Night Life In Georgien (Zadeh) 3:28
3 Stars Dance (Zadeh) 5:23
4 Dreaming Sheherezadeh (Zadeh) 2:50
5 Bachuana (Zadeh) 1:45
6 Last Day Of Chopin (Zadeh) 3:38
7 Past Of Future (Zadeh) 5:12
8 Contrasts (Zadeh) 5:36
9 Egocentric Bumble-Bee (Rimskij-Korsakow/Zadeh) 1:30
10 Jazzerei In Trumerei (Schumann/Zadeh) 4:30
11 Bolero (Ravel/Zadeh) 5:43
12 The Way To The Palace (Zadeh) 1:38
13 The Mirrow Of The Miracles (Zadeh) 1:45
14 The Naghtingale & The Rose (Rimskij-Korsakow/Zadeh) 4:45
15 Cloudy Evening (Zadeh) 3:26

Arranged by Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Piano, Vocals

Total timing 56.57
Jazziza Records 2006 JR 1969-1

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