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Brian Allen/Corey Fogel Duo in Texas

SOURCE: Published: 2006-05-09
Brian Allen/Corey Fogel Duo in Houston, Lake Jackson, and Austin, Texas

Brian Allen - trombone
Corey Fogel - drums

for more info: www.braintone.com or email: brian@braintone.com

Super Happy Fun Land
2610 Ashland Street (in the Heights)
$6 at the door
Here's the lineup:
Black Magic Marker
Dave Dove/Juan Garcia Duo
Muzak John
Brian Allen and Corey Fogel Duo

Concert at The Clarion, Brazosport College
Lake Jackson
This is with SKETCHY with Brad Clymer (trumpet) myself (trombone) and Corey (drums) playing all new compositions written for contributors to a recent CD project for my recording with Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey.
Concert is Free!

Little City Coffee Downtown
916 Congress Avenue
with Chris Cogburn Duo opening
$5-8 pay what you can

Brian Allen, native Texan, trombonist and composer, studied at Banff, University of North Texas and recently earned a Masters in Composition at Texas Tech University. He has performed with Dave Ballou, Mark Dresser, Ellery Eskelin, Michael Formanek, Satoko Fujii, Frank Gratkowski, Drew Gress, Clay Jenkins, Roswell Rudd, Fritz Welch, and Nate Wooley. Brian's current projects include the Brian Allen Trio with Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey, duo with Reuben Radding and Brain Killer, a duo with pianist Jacob Koller. Brian has had compositions premiered at several international, national and regional festivals and conferences, including works for wind ensemble, electronica, jazz ensemble, and chamber ensembles. He is an artist/clinician for the Edwards Instrument Company, and teaches privately and at Brazosport College.

Corey Fogel is at once a drummer with drums, and a live medium for depicting and narrating musical-visual events whose point of origin is the realm of drumming. Branded a performance artist by some, Corey challenges the preconcieved notions of dance, sculpture, and music with improvisations that may or may not be any of those at a given moment.

In 2001 Corey earned his Bachelors of Music from Arizona State University. In 2004, he earned his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, collaborating with and under Leo Smith, Mark Dresser, Sara Roberts, Willie Winant, Nick Didkovsky, Vinny Golia, and John Oswald. Corey can typically be found playing with Ezra Buchla, Anni Rossi, Andre Vida, Jacob Koller, in such bands as The On, Gel Flesh, and Monstro. Corey enjoys cooking and building humanoid figures out of pipe cleaners.

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