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ICTUS Records Nights @ The Stone (NYC) April 1-14

Published: 2012-03-21
Andrea Centazzo The Italian Invasion & Other Stories

Created in 1976, ICTUS Records has been one of the first and most celebrated labels completely dedicated to Improvised Music, New Jazz and Contemporary Classic Music.

Founded by Andrea Centazzo and Carla Lugli, it became known as “The creative label for creative music."

Closed down in 1984, ICTUS was reborn in 2005 in Long Beach, CA and immediately got again the attention from audiences and critics for its catalog featuring new productions and re-releases of the old recordings.

A rich archive dating 1976-1990 is a treasure to still be explored.

With this series of concerts ICTUS is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

ICTUS is bringing to New York for the first time ever, some of the best seminal Italian improvisers already part of the ICTUS catalog plus new talents, presenting exciting combinations with some of the top US performers.

Tributes to the Improvisation Masters Steve Lacy and Derek Bailey plus a tribute to the under appreciate great composer Colin McPhee will complete the 12 nights-24 concerts celebration.

April 1st

The Italian Invasion One
Achille Succi (reeds) Joe Giardullo (sop. sax) Dom Minasi (guit.) Harvey Sorgen (drums)

ICTUS The Soul in the Mist
Perry Robinson (cl) Riccardo Massari (piano) Andrea Centazzo (percussion) Lisle Ellis (bass)

April 3rd

ICTUS New Borders #1
Giancarlo Schiaffini (tb) Steve Swell (tb) Anthony Coleman (piano) Andrea Centazzo (percussion)

ICTUS New Borders #2
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Lisle Ellis (bass) Brian Groder (tp) Achille Succi (reeds)

April 4th

ICTUS String Music
Jessica Pavone (vl) Concetta Abbate (vl) Liz Meredith (viola) Janel Leppin (cello) plus surprise guest

ICTUS Stolen Moments
Marilyn Crispell (piano) Andrea Centazzo (percussion)

April 5th

ICTUS Percussion Night One
Gino Robair, Rich O'Donnell, Andrea Centazzo (percussion)

ICTUS Musica Acustica
Elizabeth Panzer (harp) LaDonna Smith (vl) Riccardo Massari (piano) Achille Succi (cl)

April 6th

ICTUS Tribute to Derek Bailey

All guitarists will play 2 sets of short duets with unreleased Derek solo improvisations plus improvising in different combinations.

2 sets featuring: Henry Kaiser, Davey Williams, Elliott Sharp, Anders Nilsson, Marco Cappelli, Chris Cochrane

April 7th


2 sets featuring Guido Mazzon (tp) Dave Ballou (tp) Brian Groder (tp) Giancarlo Schiaffini (tb) Carlo Actis Dato (bar. sax) Roberto Ottaviano (sop.sax) Achille Succi (alto sax) Umberto Petrin (piano) Riccardo Massari (elect.) Giorgio Vendola (bass) AC (perc., conductor) Gino Robair (perc.) Special guest : John Zorn (Alto saxophone)

April 8th

ICTUS Protocol @ Infinity Squared
Henry Kaiser (guit.) Andrea Centazzo (perc.) Carlo Actis Dato (reeds)

ICTUS The sound to come
Riccardo Massari (keyb. elect.) Matt Davignon (drum machine)

April 10th

ICTUS Tribute to Colin McPhee One
Balinese Ceremonial Music and other compositions Vicky Chow (piano) Evan Ziporyn (arrangements, cl) Christine Southworth (gamelan)

ICTUS Tribute to Colin McPhee Two
Andrea Centazzo—MANDALA solo multimedia concert (perc., keyb., visuals)

April 11th

ICTUS Velocities
Davey Williams (guit.) LaDonna Smith (vl) Andrea Centazzo (percussion)

ICTUS Italian Invasion Two
Boris Savoldelli (voice) Marco Cappelli (guit.) Carlo Actis Dato (bass cl.) Matt Davignon (drum machine)

April 12th

ICTUS Italian Invasion Three
Barry Altschul (drums) Guido Mazzon (tp) Umberto Petrin (piano)

ICTUS Italian Invasion Four
Roberto Ottaviano (sop.sax & elect.) Janel Leppin (cello) Andrea Centazzo (percussion) Giorgio Vendola (bass)

April 13th

ICTUS Tribute to Steve Lacy

2 sets presenting great soprano players performing Steve Lacy music and improvising in different combinations with a reading of Lacy writing.

Featuring Joe McPhee, Roberto Ottaviano, Joe Giardullo, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Gilles Laheurte

April 14th

ICTUS Italian Invasion Five
ROberto Ottaviano (reeds) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Giorgio Vendola (bass) Dave Ballou (trumpet)

ICTUS Percussion Night Two
Barry Altschul, Andrew Cyrille, Andrea Centazzo (drums, percussion)

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