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Ted Nash "The Creep" West Coast Tour

Published: 2012-03-19
Ted Nash Grammy-nominated artist Ted Nash announces “The Creep" CD tour across the country. Ted returns to the intimate setting of a quartet for this release. This is Ted's most personal statement to date: the music is earthy, bluesy and free.

Features Ron Horton (tpt), Paul Sikivie (bass) and Ulysses Owens (drums).
Release date: 3/27

The West Coast tour includes these performances:

(San Diego), The Santa Barbara Museum of Art on April 3rd, Vitello's on April 6 (Studio City), Center for the Arts on April 7 (Grass Valley, CA), Ivories Jazz Lounge on April 9th (Portland), Cellar Jazz on April 10th (Vancouver), Yoshi's on April 11 (Oakland) and Kuumbwa Jazz on April 12 (Santa Cruz).

Recent Blog

Stationary in Mobile

“I'm sitting in a cafe in Mobile, Alabama. Got the day off, and am spending hours (as I have each day for the past few weeks) on the details of my upcoming CD release and tour. Booking and handling the logistics of a tour on your own is probably the strongest test to prove whether or not you really are committed to do this thing—be a jazz musician. At the moment it is challenging that commitment. But just for the moment, because I know the payoff will come, as it always does, when I am on the bandstand with my quartet, swinging and sharing this musical space with my band mates and an audience."
Ted Nash

Nash enjoys an extraordinary career as a performer, conductor, composer, arranger, and educator. Born in Los Angeles, multi-instrumentalist Nash's interest in music started at an early age. He was exposed to music and encouraged by his father, trombonist Dick Nash, and uncle, reedman Ted Nash—both well-known studio and jazz musicians. Nash blossomed early, a “young lion" before the term became marketing vernacular. One of Nash's most important associations is with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, as well as the adventurous Jazz Composers Collective. Nash's recordings have appeared on many national “best-of" lists including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Village Voice, The Boston Globe, and New York Newsday.

Upcoming Performances

Mar 23 & 24—With Mark Soskin at Kitano (NYC)

Mar 26—With Jane Monheit at Birdland (NYC)

Mar 27—"The Creep" CD release

Mar 29-31—JLCO at Rose Hall (NYC)

April 2—Ted Nash Quartet at Anthology (San Diego)

April 3—Ted Nash Quartet at Santa Barbara Museum of Art

April 4—Educational event TBA (Santa Barbara)

April 6—Ted Nash Quartet at Vitello's (Studio City, CA)

April 7—Ted Nash Quartet at Center For The Arts (Grass Valley, CA)

April 9—Ted Nash Quartet at Ivories Jazz Lounge (Portland)

April 10—Ted Nash Quartet at Cellar Jazz Club (Vancouver)

April 11—Ted Nash Quartet at Yoshi's (San Francisco)

April 12—Ted Nash Quartet at Kuumbwa Jazz (Santa Cruz, CA)

For complete tour information, visit Nash's web site:

Visit Website

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