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John Stubblefield Memorial Service September 25th 7:30pm Saint Peter's Church

SOURCE: Published: 2005-09-22
September 23, 2005

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Memorial Service for John Stubblefield

25th September 2005

7:30 pm

Saint Peter's Church

East 54th Street at Lexington Avenue

New York City


Andrea Brachfeld solo, flute “Amazing Grace" (spiritual)

Pastor Lind Greeting

Sathima Bea Benjamin solo, vocal “Come Sunday" (D. Ellington)

Hubert Eaves III solo, piano “My Friend" (H. Eaves & J. 'D Train' Williams)

Sonelius Smith Remembrances

Amina Claudine Myers solo, piano “Dino" (J. Stubblefield)

Anita Brown brass ensemble “Elegia" (A. Brown)

Steve Slagle, Joe Lovano, Clark Gayton... “Play Room" (J. Stubblefield)

Steve Schwartz Remembrances

Donal Fox solo, piano “Here's One" (William Grant Still)

Richard Evans “You Know My Eyes" (J. Stubblefield; lyrics by Cyril Chapman)

Henry Threadgill Remembrances

Dewey Redman solo, saxophone improvisation

Oliver Lake & Andrew Cyrille a duo performance, composition to be announced

Muhal Richard Abrams Remembrances

Thurman Barker Trio “Apply" in memory of John Stubblefield (T. Barker)

James Jabbo Ware and the Me We And Them Orchestra “Cry Of Hunger"

(J. Stubblefield and J. Jabbo Ware)

Salim Washington Remembrances

Marilyn Kleinberg with Larry Willis “For All We Know" (F. Coots, S. Lewis)

Larry Willis reading “Miss Me, But Let Me Go" (Nimchira)

Joe Ford, Larry Willis, Steve Berrios... composition to be announced

Rufus Reid Remembrances

Pheeroan Aklaff “King Of Harts" (J. Stubblefield)

Dick Griffin Remembrances

Bill Saxton & Onaje Allan Gumbs “Venus Eyes" (J. Stubblefield)

Wendy Oxenhorn Remembrances

UNSRC Latin Jazz Society Big Band - Rolando Briceno, musical director

A blues piece and “Kuku's Nest" (J. Stubblefield) featuring Dick Griffin

Pastor Lind Closing prayer

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