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Spyro Gyra New Years Week At Iridium Dec. 29-Jan. 2

SOURCE: Published: 2004-12-09
1650 BROADWAY (Corner of 51st)
NEW YORK, NY 10023
RESERVATIONS: 212-582-2121

Contemporary Jazz Legends Spyro Gyra to perform at
The Irdium Jazz Club Dec 29 Jan 2.

Dec. 29-Jan. 2 SPYRO GYRA
3 Sets Friday Dec. 31 and Sat. Jan. 1!
$35.00 Weds.-Thursday
3 Sets Friday, Dec. 31
1st Set: $95.00 includes 4 course dinner
2nd set (New Years Show): $165.00 includes 4 Course Dinner
3rd Set at 1:00 AM: $35.00 (Ticket Only) Food ala carte
3 Sets Saturday: $37.50
Sunday: $35.00

The Deep End, Spyro Gyra's third album on Heads Up International was released to international acclaim in May.

“We really do put our hearts into the music we make," says Beckenstein, who founded the band 30 years ago. “I hope that you can hear the passion, regardless of the fact that the styles bounce all around, like on all of our records. When people come up to me and tell me how much our music means to them, well, first of all, I love hearing that. I know where that's coming from: its from that deep end inside each of them. Thats the place I want to keep going back to."

The eleven tracks on The Deep End embrace a broad range of styles and colors and indeed, emotions yet hold together cohesively. It's the kind of delicate balancing act that has made Spyro Gyra the contemporary jazz powerhouse that its been for three decades. With over 10 million albums sold, the group continues to break new ground with this latest outing, the follow-up to Original Cinema, which spent most of 2003 on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart. Their 2001 Heads Up debut, In Modern Times, logged 64 weeks on Billboards Contemporary Jazz chart, peaking at #2.

The Deep End is marked by solid musicianship on all fronts as usual and songwriting contributions from numerous sources within the Spyro Gyra ranks: Beckenstein, guitarist/ vocalist Julio Fernandez, keyboardist Tom Schuman and bassist Scott Ambush. The Deep End also introduces the newest member of the band, Ludwig Afonso on drums on “Joburg Jam."

More than just exploring matters of the heart, though, The Deep End sets up a satisfying balance of the old and the new by capturing Spyro Gyras vintage sound as well as its more contemporary sensibilities. “There are a couple cuts on it that really strike me as being in the spirit of what we sounded like almost twenty years ago," says Beckenstein. “I think Jeremy's 'Summer Fling' has that kind of spirit. Likewise with my tune, 'As You Wish.' On the other hand, I think there are elements in it that sound totally consistent with what were doing live today.

Rarely does a band weave so many layers of style and substance into a single recording. But then, Spyro Gyra is that rare musical collective thats not afraid to let go and take the plunge into The Deep End.

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