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Vision Club Presents Rob Brown Trio - Stone House 8pm Mat Maneri Trio 10pm

SOURCE: Published: 2004-10-27
The Vision Club On The Move
November 6th, 2004
13 Stanton St. btwn Bowery & Christie

Rob Brown Trio - Stone House 8pm
Mat Maneri Trio 10pm
$10 per set or $15 for the night

Rob Brown Trio - Stone House
Rob Brown - Alto Saxophone
“Alto-saxophonist Rob Brown (is) one of the most consistently musical and compelling of the new free-jazz players." -Ed Hazel, Boston Phoenix 10/96 Joe Morris - Guitar
“. . . the most exciting and original jazz plucker to emerge in the last decade." -John Corbett, Downbeat

Luther Gray - Drums
“Luther Gray handles several times simultaneously, the rhythm section frequently outdistances the front line." -Rex Butters, All About Jazz

Mat Maneri Trio
Mat Maneri - Violin
“Since the mid-1990s, Mat has been at the epicentre of new jazz creativity in America, and has played improvised music with a broad range of partners including Cecil Taylor, Borah Bergman, Connie Bauer, William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Joe Morris, Bern Nix, Randy Peterson, Pandelis Karayorgis, Guillermo Gregorio, Steven Lantner, KeithYaun, Indo-jazz fusion group Natraj and many others." -ECM

Randy Peterson - Drums
“Randy Peterson, continues to produce some of the most unconventional musical events from the most conventional of percussive devices, the basic drum kit." -Michael A. Parker, AAJ

John Hebert- Bass
“(John) has worked along side such world famous jazz musicians as Maria Schneider, Greg Osby, Gary Thomas, Brian Blade, Gene Jackson, and Rick Margitza, as well as with the best of the New York scene."

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