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New ECM Releases in October

SOURCE: Published: 2009-10-18

Anouar Brahem
The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Release date: October 6
Anouar Brahem oud; Klaus Gesing bass clarinet; Bjrn Meyer bass; Khaled Yassine percussion

ECM brings a new album of warm, dark sounds and dancing, organic pulses from the Tunisian oud master, performed by his new band with German bass clarinettist Klaus Gesing, Swedish bassist Bjrn Meyer and Lebanese percussionist Khaled Yassine.

“Albums as perfect as this appear rarely..."
To read the rest of this excellent early review from the UK newspaper The Independent, click here

Egberto Gismonti

Release date: October 20
Camerata Romeu with Zenaida Romeu: conductor; Alexandre Gismonti: guitars ; Egberto Gismonti: guitars

Egberto Gismonti's first new ECM recording in 14 years is a double-album that indicates the range of his artistry as both composer and guitar virtuoso. Disc one features Gismonti the composer in a 70 minute work that takes account of Brazil's culture and history, landscapes and cityscapes, vividly evoked by Cuba's all-women orchestra the Camerta Romeu. Disc two features Gismonti the guitarist in an exciting duo recital with his similarly-gifted son Alexandre, romping through a program that includes such well-known pieces as “Zig Zag", “Lund" and “Dana dos Escravos".

Stefano Bollani Trio
Stone in the Water
Release date: October 27
Stefano Bollani: piano; Jesper Bodilsen: double-bass; Morten Lund: drums

An exceptionally beautiful piano trio album, Stone in the Water is the first of Stefano Bollani's ECM recordings to feature his “Danish Trio" with bassist Jesper Bodilsen and drummer Morten Lund, a group that already has six years of playing experience behind it, and produces a sound that is supple, subtle, flowing.

You should be able to find these albums in the fine record stores but for your convenience here are links to the correct page on Amazon.com:

Brahem - The Astounding Eyes Of Rita.
Gismonti - Saudaes. Bollani - Stone in the Water.

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