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Raging Free Jazz Drummer Weasel Walter Upcoming Live Tour Dates in U.S. and Europe

SOURCE: Published: 2009-01-29
Weasel Walter Hyperactive free jazz drummer Weasel Walter
Weasel Walter
Weasel Walter
will be spreading his intense style of spontaneous musical interaction in many venues across the U.S. and Europe this spring in the company of many notable improvisers like Evan Parker
Evan Parker
Evan Parker
sax, tenor
, Peter Evans
Peter Evans
Peter Evans

, Mary Halvorson and Marco Eneidi. His upcoming release out March 15, 2009 is a trio record with West Coast guitar legend Henry Kaiser
Henry Kaiser
Henry Kaiser
guitar, electric
and bassist Damon Smith
Damon Smith
Damon Smith
bass, acoustic
featuring some of the most extreme Kaiser playing in decades--half Sharrock/Takayanagi electronic bombast, the other half spiky, acoustic angularity which will please Derek Bailey adherents. Other upcoming recordings feature the Halvorson/Evans/Walter trio, and offering from a co-led ensemble with Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor
alumni Marc Edwards
Marc Edwards
Marc Edwards
, a hardcore free jazz trio with multi-reedman Vinny Golia
Vinny Golia
Vinny Golia
and more.

more information about Weasel Walter and his projects can be seen at ugEXPLODE.com. the upcoming dates follow.

Weasel Walter Quintet
Feb 9 - Berkeley - Ivy Room

Simon Rose/Scott Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter
Feb 22 - San Francisco - Musicians Union

Weasel Walter + personnel TBA
March 1 - Chicago - Hungry Brain

Mary Halvorson/Weasel Walter
March 7 - Brooklyn - Zebulon

Darius Jones/Evan Lipson/Weasel Walter
March 9 - Philadelphia - venue tba

Ava Mendoza/Devin Hoff/Weasel Walter
March 16 - Sacramento - Java Lounge

Sheik Anorak/Weasel Walter
high energy gtr/drum improvisations
as heard on recent 10" split with Les Aus/Lydia Lunch on Gaffer Records

April 30 - Paris - venue tba
May 1 - Nantes - festival venue tba
May 2 - Bordeaux - La Centrale
May 3 - Clermont Ferrand - Raymond bar
May 4 -Lyon - Grnd zero
May 5 - Genève - cave12

Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans
ridiculously virtuosic improvisations at light speed
May 6 - Paris - Les Instants Chavires
May 7 - Wurzburg? or area (need help!)
May 8 - Bielefeld or Berlin? (need help!)
May 9 - Graz - Lendwirbel Festival
May 10 - Vienna - The Rhiz
May 11 - Slovenia/Croatia/Budapest tbc

Marco Eneidi/Weasel Walter
May 12 - Vienna - Celeste
May 13 - need show Slovenia/Croatia?
May 14 - need show Slovenia/Croatia?

Evan Parker/Peter Evans/Weasel Walter
May 21 - London - tbc
more dates before May 21 in/around London tbc with diff. personnel?

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