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Reed Mathis Leaves JFJO

SOURCE: Published: 2009-01-06
Reed Mathis Leaves Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey


Following their highest profile year to date, which contained their fourth tour of Europe and performances at Lincoln Center, Newport Jazz Festival, a Guinness Jazz Award, and much more, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is very pleased to announce the band's 2009 lineup. The odyssey continues with Brian Haas on keys, Josh Raymer on drums, and proudly introducing Chris Combs on lap steel and Matt Hayes on upright bass. A supplemented version of this lineup made its debut on New Year's Eve to an elated sold out crowd in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The core quartet lineup of Haas/Raymer/Combs/Hayes will make its debut this coming Saturday, January 10 at Kenny's Castaways as part of the 2009 NYC Winter Jazz Fest!

JFJO would also like to wish their best to founding member of 15-years, Reed Mathis, as 2009 will find him exploring other musical endeavors.

JFJO has a handful of dates in January, returning to old haunts like Denton, Fayetteville, and Kansas City. February will then find the quartet on a full West Coast tour brought to you by Aurora Innovations, beginning what promises to be another year full of touring and musical evolution.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Tour Dates

01/10/09 Sat Kenny's Castaways New York, NY

01/17/09 Sat Hailey's Denton, TX

01/29/09 Thu George's Majestic Fayetteville, AR

01/30/09 Fri Jardine's Kansas City, MO

01/31/09 Sat Mojo's Columbia, MO

02/10/09 Tue Winston's San Diego, CA (w/ The Bridge)

02/11/09 Wed Largo Los Angeles, CA (w/ Marco Benevento)

02/12/09 Thu Yoshi's Oakland Oakland, CA

02/13/09 Fri Hopmonk Tavern Sebastopol, CA (w/ The Bridge)

02/18/09 Wed The Indigo District Eugene, OR

02/20/09 Fri Eastside Tavern Olympia, WA

02/21/09 Sat GoodFoot Lounge Portland, OR

02/22/09 Sun Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA

02/25/09 Wed Hodi's Half Note Fort Collins, CO

02/27/09 Fri The b.side Lounge Boulder, CO

02/28/09 Sat Cervantes' Masterpiece Denver, CO (w/ Lubriphonic)

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