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Dave Percell: A New Zeal Behind Nylon Strings

SOURCE: Published: 2008-09-17
Dave Percell Acclaimed Latin Jazz, and Funk Guitarist Dave Percell has just emerged to the Jazz scene with a newly released solo album, Eternal Traveler.

This new, yet exceptionally talented guitarist has delivered a new CD with nothing less than a brilliant display of what a #1 hit CD should contain. It's very rare that one can listen to a CD and actually enjoy all of the tracks, but I guarantee that not one song on this CD is a filler. Every song on Dave's new album, Eternal Traveler was pieced together with soul and passion.

The jazz industry has long awaited a musician such as Dave Percell. He's different, he's fresh, and he's brought a new zeal behind the nylon strings. He's created his own style and his own sound. Whether you like Jazz or not... you'll fall in love Dave Percell.

While the entire album is incredible, my Fave 3 tracks are:

  1. Eternal Traveler “Track #4"
  2. In Do Time “Track #5"
  3. Right of Way “Track#3"

Eternal Traveler won in the top 10 spot on Ourstage.com latin channel in June of 2008. “Right of Way" kept the #1 and #2 slots for most of the month and was bumped to #13 during the finals in the Jazz channel for June.

While the full CD is completely downloadable on the internet, an official CD Release party is scheduled at The Mint in Los Angeles on October 20, 2008.

Dave Percell released all tracks for online downloads in June, 2008. He is currently an unsigned Indie Artist.

CD Track List Follows:

  1. Walk With Me
  2. Into The Light
  3. Right of Way
  4. Eternal Traveler
  5. In Do Time
  6. Twinkle of an Eye
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Do you Know Me
  9. Just In Time
  10. Welcome Home

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