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Origin Records Chicago Jazz Summit

SOURCE: Published: 2008-09-01
Origin Records Andy's Jazz Club
11 E. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60611 {map it}
For tickets, call 312-642-6805 or visit andysjazzclub.com

To celebrate the thriving and ongoing relationship between Seattle's Origin Records and some of Chicago's top improvising musicians, Andy's Jazz Club presents 8 wide-ranging groups over 4 nights with artists from Chicago, Seattle, and various stops in between. Included in the week will be the debut of at least two new CDs and performances by groups with their recent recordings featured on jazz radio throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The Chicago Jazz Summit artist line-up

Wednesday, Sept 24th

5:00-8:30pm - SCOTT BURNS GROUP w/ guest KYLE ASCHE ($5.00)
Scott Burns, Tenor Sax; Kyle Asche, Guitar; Ron Perrillo, Piano; Dennis Carroll, Bass; Brian Ritter, Drums

9:00-1:00am - KELLY BRAND NEXTET ($10.00)
Art Davis, Trumpet; Geof Bradfield, Sax; Kelly Brand, Piano; Kelly Sill, Bass; Jon Deitemyer, Drums; Mari Anne Jayme, Vocals; Naomi SIll, Cello.

Thursday, Sept 25th

5:00-8:30pm - BEN PATERSON QUARTET ($5.00)
Ben Paterson, Piano; Jake Vinsel, Bass; Jon Deitemyer, Drums.

9:00-1:00am - GEOF BRADFIELD, "Urban Nomad" CD Release ($10.00)
Geof Bradfield, Saxes; Ron Perrillo, Piano; Clark Sommers, Bass; Dana Hall, Drums.

Friday, Sept 26th

5:00-8:30pm - SILL / SPENCER / McLEAN TRIO ($10.00)
John McLean, Guitar; Kelly Sill, Bass; Joel Spencer, Drums.

9:30-1:30am - THOMAS MARRIOTT GROUP w/ guest JOHN McLEAN ($15.00)
Thomas Marriott, Trumpet; John McLean, Guitar; Jeff Johnson, Bass; John Bishop, Drums.

Saturday, Sept 27th

5:00-8:30pm - Collective: PALIGA / McLEAN / RUBLE / DOHERTY ($10.00)
Alison Ruble, Vocals; Mitch Paliga, Soprano Sax; John McLean, Guitar; Brian Doherty, Bass.

9:30-1:30am - COREY CHRISTIANSEN "Roll With It" CD Release ($15.00)
Scott Burns, Saxophone; Corey Christiansen, Guitar; Pete Benson, B-3; Matt Jorgensen, Drums.

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