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Fay Victor Performs @ Sweet Rhythm - May 22, 2007

SOURCE: Published: 2007-05-18
The Fay Victor Ensemble performs at Sweet Rhythm on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 as part of Tessa Souter's Vocal Series at this fantastic West-Village venue.

Fay Victor/voice
Anders Nilsson/guitar
Ken Filiano/bass
Michael TA Thompson/drums

TUESDAY, MAY 22. 2007
2 sets, 8:00PM & 9:30PM
88 Seventh Avenue South (at Bleecker Street)
212 255 3626
Full bar and menu available
$15 cover, $10 minimum

Some comments on Fay Victor's latest recording, CARTWHEELS THROUGH THE COSMOS(ArtistShare):

“Victor is the traffic director of a group methodology that surges into the interstellar regions of sound."
--Glenn Astarita,
New & Noteworthy Column,
March 2007, AAJ.com

“Complex, ambitious record" (A-)
--Tom Hull, Village Voice

“CARTWHEELS THROUGH THE COSMOS is that rarity amongst contemporary vocal jazz releases:an album that doesn't rely on a tired repertoire and looks, instead, for innovation in every corner...Her fearless exploration of a myriad of musical nexus points makes CARTWHEELS THROUGH THE COSMOS an album for those who normally stay away from vocal jazz."
--John Kelman, AAJ.com

“It's a borderless, cacophonous, in-your-face experiment in tone poetry and free-form expression. It's tough. It's gutsy. It's brilliant."
--Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

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Download jazz mp3 “People Are Strange” by Fay Victor
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