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Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola February 2013 Lineup

Published: 2013-01-04
Thu-Sun, Jan 31-Feb 3
René Marie Quartet
Featuring René Marie, vocals; Kevin Bales, piano; Elias Bailey, bass; Quentin Baxter, drums.
Late Night Session – Jan 31-Feb 2:
Lawrence Leathers Group

Mon, Feb 4
Roswell Rudd Quartet with Sunny Kim
Featuring Roswell Rudd, trombone; Ken Filiano, bass; Lafayette Harris, piano; Sunny Kim, vocals.
7:30pm, 9:30pm

Tue-Wed, Feb 5-6
Gerald Clayton Trio
Featuring Gerald Clayton, piano; Joseph Sanders, bass; Justin Brown, drums.
Late Night Session – Feb 5-6:
Benny Benack III Quartet

Thu-Sun, Feb 7-10
Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan
Featuring Mulgrew Miller, piano; Steve Nelson, vibes; Antonio Hart, alto saxophone; Duane Eubanks, trumpet; Rodney Greene, drums.
Late Night Session – Feb 7-9:
Benny Benack III Quartet

Mon, Feb 11
Molly Johnson
Featuring Molly Johnson, vocals; Seamus Blake, saxophones; Robi Botos, piano; Mike Downes, bass; Larnell Lewis, drums.

Tue, Feb 12
Gregoire Maret
Featuring Gregoire Maret, harmonica; Federico Pena, piano; Ben Williams, bass; Clarence Penn, drums.
Late Night Session – Feb 12:
Luca Santaniello Quartet

Wed-Sun, Feb 13-17
Nilson Mata’s “Black Orpheus” – Featuring Leny Andrade
Featuring Leny Andrade, vocals; CD Release with Klaus Mueller, piano; Fernando Saci, percussion; Alexandre Kautz, drums; Steve Wilson, saxophone. Late Night Session – Feb 13-16:
Luca Santaniello Quartet

Mon, Feb 18
Nellie McKay and The Amigos Band: A Grand Experiment of Song
Featuring Nellie McKay, vocals; Justin Poindexter, guitar, vocals; Sam Reider, accordion, vocals; Eddie Barbash, saxophone, washboard, vocals.

Tue-Wed, Feb 19-20
Toshiko Akiyoshi-Lew Tabackin Jazz Quartet
Featuring Toshiko Akiyoshi, piano; Lew Tabackin, flute, tenor saxophone, Paul Gill, bass; Aaron Kimmel, drums.
Late Night Session – Feb 19-20:
Emmet Cohen Trio

Thu-Sun, Feb 21-24
Tia Fuller Quartet with Special Guest Sean Jones
Featuring Tia Fuller, saxophone; Sean Jones, trumpet; Shamie Royston, piano/keyboard; Mimi Jones, acoustic bass; Rudy Royston, drums (Feb 23-24 only); EJ Strickland, drums (Feb 21-22 only).
Late Night Session – Feb 21-23:
Emmet Cohen Trio

Mon, Feb 25
Juilliard Jazz Ensemble

Tue-Wed, Feb 26-27
The Music of Dexter Gordon: A Celebration
Featuring George Cables, piano; Victor Lewis, drums; Joe Locke, vibes; Jerry Weldon, tenor saxophone; Walter Blanding, tenor saxophone; Brandon Lee, trumpet. Late Night Session – Feb 26-27:
Bruce Harris Quintet

Thu, Feb 28
Wolff & Clark Expedition
Featuring Steve Wilson, saxophones; Michael Wolff, piano; James Genus, bass; Mike Clark, drums.
Late Night Session – Feb 28:
Bruce Harris Quintet

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