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Tito Puente: Celebrating The History Of Latin Music And The Man Who Helped Create It

Published: 2012-10-08

“Tito Puente: Celebrating the History of Latin Music and the Man Who Helped Create It"

This free seminar series will highlight the history of Latin Music and Tito Puente based on the book “Mambo Diablo: My Journey with Tito Puente" and the impact Tito had on music the world over.

Hosted by author Joe Conzo, noted music historian and producer, these seminars will kick off with a book signing and discussion about Tito Puente's remarkable life and how he rose from humble beginnings in New York's 'EI Barrio' to international fame and recognition.

Books will be available for sale in the Hostos Book Store.

The following Saturdays will be divided into three sections concentrating on Tito and the Latin music culture.

Section One will explore the early years.

Section Two will focus on the New York City club scene.

Section Three will honor Tito's contribution to the world of music especially and his indelible influence on Afro-Cuban jazz.

Guest speakers will share their experiences with Tito and the importance of his impact on music beyond Latin.

The Tito Puente Exhibit is housed at Hostos and available for viewing.

Saturday Oct. 13 10:00am-l:00pm
Book Signing and Discussion

Saturday Oct. 20 & 27 10:00am-l:00pm
Tito's Early Years

Saturday Nov. 10 & 17 10:00am-l:00pm
New York City Club Scene

Saturday Dec. 1 & 8 10:00am-l:00pm
The World of Music

To make a reservation for one or all of the events
TeI 718-518-6656
Fax 718-518-6744
Email cedu@hostos.cuny.edu

Hostos Community College
560 Exterior Street
Bronx, New York 10451

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