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John Mayall Live '69 Reissues

SOURCE: Published: 2008-06-17
Two Vintage John Mayall Sets: Live at Marquee & The Masters Available June 3

Eagle Rock Entertainment will re-release two of British blues superstar John Mayall's vintage live albums on June 3.

The Masters is a two-disc set, originally released in 1999, culled from a British show 30 years earlier, that also features music from the original film soundtrack of The Turning Point, a “rockumentary" on Mayall which chronicles his adventurous decision to go acousticwithout drums!shortly after guitarist Mick Taylor left the band to go join The Rolling Stones. Complete with interviews of Eric Clapton and others, The Masters is an eclectic look back at a band in transition, and the genius who inexorably moves more towards a pure blues sound even after attaining rock star status.

Live At The Marquee, also originally released in 1999, is from a 1969 performance in London. This single disc is filled with the kind of long legendary jams that gave that era its musical personality.

The Masters Track Listing
Disc #1
1. Don't Waste My Time
2. Sleeping By Her Side
3. Room To Move
4. Saw Mill Gulch Road
5. Can't Sleep This Night
6. Thoughts About Roxanne
7. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
8. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
9. California

Disc #2

1. Parchman Farm
2. Interview with Chris Welch
3. Interview with Chris Welch/The Laws Must Change
4. Don't Waste My Time
5. Greensleeves Blues/I'm Gonna Fight For You JB/Interview With Collin Allen
6. Thoughts About Roxanne
7. Bill Haley Lives!
8. Interview With Eric Clapton/Don't Pick A Flower
9. Interview with Chris Welch/The Story Of JB Lenoir
10. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB/Interview with Peter Green and John McVie

Live At The Marquee Track Listing
1. Can't Stop This Night
2. So Hard To Share
3. Don't Waste My Life
4. I'm Gonna Fight For You JB
5. The Laws Must Change
6. California
7. California

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