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All About Jazz Introduces Discographies!

All About Jazz creates musician discographies from deep archive of album reviews and API Nearly 100,000 records seed database All About Jazz has developed a musician discography feature which allows musicians to document and promote their body of recorded work to jazz fans worldwide. “This project was part of a larger effort to help musicians ...

Musician's Past Events Now Viewable at Jazz Near You

Thanks to the suggestions from a few astute musician users, we now make a musician's past calendar publicly available to musicians, presenters, booking agents, and fans at Jazz Near You. Event history can be accessed from a musician's profile page by clicking “Events Calendar" in the calendar box. Example... Here's an example of saxophonist Ken Fowser's ...

All About Jazz Launches Video of the Day Promotional Service

All About Jazz's adds Video of the Day to its increasing list of advertising options Tremendous exposure. Tremendous value! Presented at the very top of (and stretching 1,000 pixels wide—see sample screen), an advertiser's video is featured for one day on the media home page, on the All About Jazz home page (to the right ...

All About Jazz Relaunches RSS feed and Content Widget Service

Up-to-the-minute and free! All About Jazz has added new RSS feeds and new content widgets while improving their existing collection for use on websites, blogs, and social media pages. If you're looking to share up-to-the-minute jazz content on your website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter page, then consider the All About Jazz / Jazz Near You ...

Attn: Musicians - ArtistData sourced events removed from Jazz Near You Newsletter

Due to the high level of user complaints, we will no longer include ArtistData-sourced events in the weekly Jazz Near You newsletter. Jazz Near You joined the ArtistData network as a courtesy to musicians, but the data that originates from AD is unreliable (lacking validation and naming standards) making venue name matches difficult for Jazz Near ...

All About Jazz Data Recovery Project Update

All About Jazz recovered 60,000+ JPGs and MP3s lost in the June 7th crash Good news! 95% of the MP3 files and 85% of the image files (album covers, photos, and avatars) added to the website after December 24, 2013 were fully restored. If you recently uploaded images that were not restored, please upload them again. ...

All About Jazz Redesign Project Concludes with Improved Home Page and New Media Section

The All About Jazz website conversion project—which included the redesign of Jazz Near You, Jazz News Central, the Jazz Musician Database, and the Jazz Gallery—concluded with the relaunching of All About Jazz and the launching of Jazz Media Central, the home to thousands of free jazz MP3s. “It took us a full nine months to retool ...

All About Jazz Helps Musicians Promote their Crowdfunding Campaigns

Have an active crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter or Indiegogo? If so, All About Jazz can help you promote it for free! View the step-by-step here Simply add your crowdfunding campaign title, video embed code, widget embed code and end date to your musician profile admin page and we'll promote your crowdfunding campaign on your musician/band profile ...

Improved and Streamlined All About Jazz Advertising Services

All About Jazz has introduced an eye-grabbing 2000x600 pixel advertising option and has greatly improved its existing banner and Showcase services to coincide with its website relaunch. New! Big Bopper The equivalent of a full page print ad, the big bopper is a fixed location, persistent display ad sized at a whopping 2,000 pixels wide by ...

Jazz Near You Adds Four More Cities: Pensacola, Columbia, Flagstaff and Des Moines

Jazz Near You now services 250 cities worldwide with the additions of Pensacola (FL), Columbia (MO), Flagstaff (AZ) and Des Moines (IA). If your city has an active jazz scene and isn't represented at Jazz Near You, please let us know and we'll add it. About Jazz Near You The web's leading jazz event discovery platform, ...

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