Submission Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below to ensure the timely activation of your announcement.

Unlike PRWeb, All About Jazz News is a free service, but we require professionalism just like our fellow syndicators.


When Submitting News...

  • Make it formal/professional. All About Jazz is not a blog or social media.
  • Announcements must be at least 250 words.
  • Spell check, grammar check and avoid first person references. Excessive errors will result in an immediate rejection.
  • Choose the appropriate news type.


Our House Style

  • Do not include "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE".
  • Do not repeat the headline in the body text.
  • Do not include your publicist information in the body text. Select it from the "News Source" dropdown list.
  • Hotlink all URLs. Non-hotlinked URLs will be removed.
  • Place all email addresses in the notification box (one address per line).
  • Italicize album titles and bold section headers. See the basics below.
  • Do not abbreviate.


Reprinting From Other Sources

We do not reprint review articles or interviews from external sources unless they are read through our RSS feed service.


Useful Tips

  • Keep the title brief and punchy. Try to include the artist's name first. Shorter titles will index higher on searches. For live performances, try "[Artist Name] at [Venue Name] on [Date]"
  • It's ok to post tour dates as part of an article; post single dates to Jazz Near You.
  • Select a "Global Region" if one applies.
  • Enter a US Zip code to also reach local readers.
  • An accompanying image makes a big difference in the appearance of your announcement.
  • You can hotlink a musician's name to their All About Jazz profile page by placing two curly braces around the name, like {{Christian McBride}}.


Format Your Text This Way

  • Italicize album titles with the <em> tag (eg. <em>Kind of Blue</em>)
  • To bold a word, use <strong> and </strong> (eg. <strong>jazz</strong>)
  • To hot link a URL: <a href="">All About Jazz</a>
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