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SOURCE: Published: 2011-02-07
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Liner Notes from The Bird, The Girl And The Donkey

Once upon a time a young girl walked alongside a dirt road carrying a bundle. The bundle seemed to be very heavy and soon she was struggling and breathing very heavily. She stopped and sat down to rest. As she was resting a little bird flew by. This bird was very curious as to why the young girl was sitting by the roadside. He stopped and asked, “Little girl, why are you here sitting all by yourself along this dirt road?" “Oh, little bird, I am resting. This bundle is a little too heavy for me to carry such a long distance." The bird scratched his head and said, “You need help!" “Where am I to get help on this lonely road?" “Don't worry about it," he said, “You wait here and I'll be back in a jiffy."

The little girl waited and in a short while she saw a donkey walking towards her with the little bird sitting on its head. She was totally surprised. As the donkey got near the little bird flew from the donkey's head and rested on the young girl's shoulder. “I told you not to worry. Help is here." The little girl put the bundle on top of the donkey and all three traveled to her destination.

When they arrived the young girl thanked the bird and the donkey and was about to take the bundle and go through a doorway when the bird asked, “Little girl, I don't mean to pry, but what is in the bundle and why was it so heavy?"

“Oh, little bird, these are all the notes that the Dom Minasi Quintet will need to record their new album." “Why is it so heavy?" “Well sometimes they play a lot of notes."

Oh! And the bird and the donkey walked away.

The moral of the story is: If you're going to play a lot of notes, you better have some great musicians to help. I did.

Thank you, Ras Moshe- tenor, Blaise Siwula- alto, Albey Balgochian- bass and Jay Rosen on drums.

Dom Minasi

With The Bird, The Girl And The Donkey, Minasi presents a democratically stable form of extreme improvisation that confounds, challenges and connects in all the right ways.—Dan Bilawsky, AllAboutJazz

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